Just what is TCM?

It’s a question I get every time I introduce AgentNow as a ‘TCM.’ The answer is that AgentNow is a little bit of both, with an emphasis on TCM – Total Communications Management.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a ubiquitous acronym in the business world, and an essential tool for many types of business. I’ve used pretty much all of them at one time or another over the years, and I’ve seen them morph from a way to nurture relationships with your clients to more of a marketing automation tool.

The emphasis in CRM is no longer on nurturing relationships, but on driving sales with continuous marketing (think of those companies who fill your inbox with endless offers). A good example would be an e-commerce business which sells low cost items at a high volume. They can target both new and returning customers by setting up sequenced, automated campaigns specifically tailored to each group – thereby creating the ‘impulse’ that drives impulse buying. Pretty slick and highly effective.

Build Stronger Relationships With Your Customers

While AgentNow has these same capabilities, it adds many expansive tools which the small and medium business can use to better nurture and build relationships with their customers. Clear and consistent communication is one of the cornerstones of a good relationship, both in life and in business. Quality communication helps you to demonstrates your commitment to truly hearing your customers needs and filling them.

A good example of the type of business which would benefit from the use of AgentNow would be life insurance. Insurance is a product which has an apparent value, but you can’t touch it or see it – making it an intangible good. Life insurance is best purchased from a knowledgeable, licensed professional and can be a very personal and emotional process – so requires a more personal relationship with the consumer.

All the Tools You Need On One Dashboard

AgentNow gives you the tools to accomplish all of these things with one product that puts all of those tools on one dashboard – no need to integrate with outside programs for marketing emails or voice technology. We’ve designed AgentNow to cover all the bases, and at a price point that’s affordable for any size business.

Sign up for your AgentNow no obligation free trial today. We won’t even ask for for a credit card – we’re that confident that you’ll agree the value AgentNow brings to the table is unsurpassed.

After your trial, choose the plan that fits your company starting as low as $7 a month. Experience the value of Total Communications Management with AgentNow.

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