Cost vs. Features

Okay so this is a bold, even outrageous, statement. But we’ve seen a lot of tools. And we’re pretty proud of what we’ve done.

Are you wondering about the high cost of hiring customer service representatives or the fee of outsourced customer relationship management? Well, effective customer management is one of the biggest challenges most freshly budded small businesses experience!

As a common practice, the businesses use Customer Relationship Management systems to boost their sales and maximize customer satisfaction – the latter is the key to expand your business in current markets and penetrate into newer markets.

Working Day and Night?

That’s exactly what most of us to to get our business ideas off the ground.

Effective CRMs provide you with a platform where your customers can:

  • Connect with you
  • Share ideas
  • Send proposals
  • Receive project updates
  • Retain their C2B relationship with you

Businesses build loyal customer bases by delivering unparalleled customer services that make them stand out from their competitors.

Why CRMs Are Necessary for Small Businesses?

Large organizations or multinational companies have a designated budget for customer management; many companies have a separate Customer Relations Department as well. In contrast, entrepreneurs with limited budget and employees tend to minimize the operational cost of their small businesses by fulfilling most of the responsibilities themselves or outsourcing the job.

The cost of outsourced jobs can easily leave a major dent in your business’ operational cost. Also, you cannot take up on the tough responsibility of customer relationship management while monitoring and managing all business operations. The load of responsibilities may leave you fatigued and exhausted, and divert your attention from important business issues.

However, you can manage customer relations without putting your budget at stake. The solution is in AgentNow!

Introducing Agent Now – Your One-Stop-Shop CRM

Investing the least possible amount to reap imperceptibly high profits is every entrepreneur’s dream. AgentNow is a Customer Relationship Management solution that does not require you to spare a huge percentage of your budget by investing in it. However, its ease of B2C communication makes it a cost-effective choice for small and medium businesses. With AgentNow, you can convert new leads into customers, establish loyal customer bases and retain old customers without even hiring more employees or outsourcing the job!

Try AgentNow for 30 days on us.

Rick Baker