AgentNow Story Programmable Voice CRM

What’s in a Name?

We chose the name AgentNow because it felt fast. Responsive. And service is all about responding fast.

Another kind of quickness is about getting your work done quickly. Working uncluttered. Easy. A quick in and out.

We want AgentNow to be the fastest way for you to get all your essential work done. That’s an ambitious goal, we know. But that’s a big part of our mission: create tools to help people design beautiful communication and help them stay organized and uncomplicated.

Our Team

The system was built by a small group of veteran techies and startup addicts — hopefully now on the road to recovery. Spawned out of the frustration of too many apps. Determined to deliver a very high quality product for very low cost.

To be honest, we owe this thinking to companies like SLACK, SQUARE and DROPBOX PAPER. Even AMAZON PRIME. Great tools and services. Priced right.

The Story

Early this year (2017) we had decided to build a new, programmable phone service with a built in CRM.  We did that and it seemed pretty solid. Amazing really, in the way that combining these two essentials, streamlined workflows.

So we stepped back and asked ourselves: could AgentNow become the Swiss Army Knife of comm tools without getting complicated?

We weren’t confident initially. Worried we were overdoing it. But the fact is, we have to use all these tools: so we added a drag-&-drop email editor for our email marketing suite, and a very practical SMS tool.

Now that’s when things began to clarify. We realized that the CONTACT was the center of everything. So why log into all these tools to import, export and sync contacts. When they were all right here in the dashboard.

Person-to-person. Simple.

It took a long time to build a product interface we were satisfied with. And we are continually working to make it better.

Pioneer Users

Our first few customers — hearty digital pioneers— asked few questions. Told us it was easy to use. One executive assistant — in her eighties and still working — paid us the highest compliment of all. She said. “Good job boys, this turned out nice. Very nice. I like it.”

To this we responded, “Need any help? Can we go through the SMS, email, CRM, voice mail setup with you?”

She politely logged into her AgentNow dashboard and showed us that she had already used every tool. She smiled, quite proud of herself, and said, “Not really. I’m fine.”

Now this may not sound like a pop-the-champagne moment. But we were so encouraged we decided to open up our doors and see what the world thinks.

So step by step, with a steady focus on clean and simple design, we are turning AgentNow.io into a more robust suite of communication tools.

That’s our story so far. Have fun, and share your thoughts!

You can use AgentNow FREE at AgentNow.io. Go ahead. Create an email message using the innovative drag and drop templates. Use your SMS credits, make and receive calls.

We hope you find business and personal value in the the work we’ve done so far.

May your business prosper…

More important, may you get a little more time to goof off and enjoy life.

Rick Baker